Tuesday, 8 September 2009

News Today - 08/09/09

Well a couple of thing in the WORLD caught my eye today while reading BBC News, Sky News and CNN

Heres My Take:

The Al-Qaeda plane bombers Tanvir Hussain, Abdulla Ahmed and Assad Sarwar were found guilty of attempting/planning another terror plot on the same scale as September 11th (Never Forget) their plan was to use home made liquid bombs to bring down several planes while in the air, this as im sure were all aware sparked airport security to be heightened back in 2006.

My take is the UK and the World should introduce the death penalty to convicted terrorists as soon as they are convicted they shouldn't be entitled to an appeal they should just be sent to a medical facility and either gassed or given a lethal injection and then there bodies burnt.

I just cannot fathom the reasoning for them even attempting what they were doing its just scary and there defence was it was all a hoax and they were just after the publicity "yeah right!!!" good try but if you have detailed plans and have tested the explosives that isn't a hoax all i can say is thank god for the CIA and MI6 whose intelligence has save 1000s of lives yet again.

T Mobile owned by Deutsche Telecom and Orange owned by France Telecom have agreed a merger thus giving them a 37% market share of the UK mobile market (Who cares both are crap) the deal will give the new company 8 billion in revenue and 28 million customers and is estimated to save 3.5 billion in cost cuttings crazy amounts of money. Of course this deal is subject to the competitions watchdog giving the ok. (I think they will consolidation in a recession is always going to happen good news for customers i don't think so less choice leave a big 3 instead of big four but who know be interesting with future handsets as Deutsche has the Iphone exclusivity in Germany and Orange in France and as O2 lose the exclusivity to the 3G later this year will we see 3Gs on all networks but Vodafone?

Kraft Foods have submitted a 10.2 Billion bid for Cadburys will this merger go through i doubt it unless more money i.e. 14 Billion is offered i think the 2 companies complement each other well but long road ahead I just think it won't happen

Gold prices have topped $1000.00 an ounce or $35.29 per gram. (Crazy when u consider all this cash in your gold give you $5-$8 dollars a gram.

Thats it for the interesting stories i've seen today.

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