Monday, 7 September 2009

iPhone Apps

Well my one of my favourite thing is the world is APPLE i love all things apple and mac related.
I own a G4 Power Book, Black MacBook, MacBook Air, 17" MacBook Pro and my Imac, Iphone 2G, 3G and 3GS as well as a 1st 2nd 3rd 5th Ipod classics, Shuffle 1,2 and 3rd gen Nano 1st and 3rd gen and i also own a 32gb touch why? I obviously have way tooo much disposible income. But i am an apple devotee.
Well the reasoning for this blog was to write about some of my fave apps, there are 5 which I use almost daily so here they are ....... "Drum Roll Please"
Number 1 - Twitterfon Pro (Currently £2.99) 
I'll admit it I'm a twitter adict (@becknyc) so naturally I have an app (as apple say there is an app for everything) I use twitterfon pro the only reason I went pro is cause I hated the advertising in the free app, I have used several twitter apps in the past Tweetie, Tweetdeck et al but always come back to twitterfon, why? well I just find the user interface easy to use and i like how the user interface works and overall it works for me and i haven't found anything that comes close to the same functionalty if anyone has any recomendations for other twitter apps ill be happy to try them and let you know how i get on. But for the time being Twitterfon is the most used app on me Iphone me and as i solely use my iphone for twitter im happy ive found an app that does it all for me.
Number 2 - Amazon (Free)
I have one addiction and that is purchasing everything i buy through Amazon i find it cheapper than most retailers and find you can rely on there delivery projections and to date they have never let me down.
Im a heavy reader and find Amazon can charge 40% cheaper than the high street I have something delivered from amazon on a weekly basis ive brought recently a dyson ball hover, samsung tv, blu ray dvds, books etc etc I really should have shares in amazon the amount i spend with them.

Number 3 - News Headlines USA - £0.59
Can't find a picture of the app but its a simple app that pulls the headlines from the top 10 publications in the following fields Movies, Sports, Biz, Tech and Headlines then displays them in a simple but provides me all the up to date news from America as you will see i am a real american wannabe and find this app simple but effective.
Number 4 - Movie Flixter - (Free)
Can't find a picture of this one either but it is in the app store i love this app it give me whats on at local cinema (using GPS) to tell me screen times and reviews and release dates simple but effective and means i don't have to use web or call for screen times i use this at least once a week either for a review of a film or times of a film all in all sleek design and easy to use interface highly recomend.

Number 5 - GPush - £0.59
This is a simple app that works if you have a gmail account it notifies you by a push message that you have mail so you don't have to keep using the maual grab mail fuction works well very basic but lets you know when you have mail and 59p bargin i say. But the best email client for the iphone has to be mobileme works fantasticly can't beat it.
Anyways these are my fave apps that i find work well for me.
If anyone has any that they would recomend as must have drop me a line and ill try them out.

Laters people

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