Friday, 11 September 2009

9/11 - 8 Years On

Not much to say today very sombre day 9/11 NEVER FORGET

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Thursday, 10 September 2009

TV - NEWs - American Idol

Well the news is comming out of the states is Ellen DeGeneres is going to become the new fourth judge on American Idol, I like Ellen she funny and down to earth shame she is giving her chat show up to take this roll but should be fun to see have she mixes with the other judges.

Apple Announcement - 09/09/09 - My Reaction

Good old Steve Jobs is back and as he put it his "Up Right" nice to see him back.

Well it was a little lackluster yesterday i was slightly disapointed, what did we get?

Itunes 9 (Funny Itunes 9 on 09/09/09) which has added improvements I think it looks great and a great improvement.

We get Iphone OS 3.1 Not noticed much difference.

New prices for the Ipod Touch (Not fussed i have a Iphone)

New Nano YEAH with Camera, Video Camera, FM Radio et al looks good and in Aniodised Aluminum I ordered a Green one straight away
Also the shuffle was released in the colours and a 3.5mm headphone Jack so all good and they release a special edition in stainless steel and this was on my order too.
So all in all the positive is Steve is back so up next i genrally think will be the tablet AKA Ipad.
So ill take some pics when my order arrives
I know im an Apple Bitch as one of my Twitter followers puts it.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Well lunch today was a Roasted Tomato Orzo salad with a bottle of ice cold Tropicana was lovely.

Yummy indeedy and only 340 Calories excellent.

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Apple Announcement - 09/09/09

Well as we are all egarley awaiting the anouncement from Apple is it a new Ipod (I think so) range aparently with Camera WOW or thr Apple Tablet nicknamed the Ipad or is it a new Net Book? Who knows whenever Apple schedual a press event the rumor mill goes into OVERDRIVE!!!!!

I predicit 3 things today:

1 - New Ipod nano range and a new Touch Model all with Cameras 3.2 Mega Pixel.
2 - The release of the Beatles back Catalogue on Itunes
3 - The release of Itunes 9

The Apple Tablet i think will be released in January-March 2010.

One thing ive noticed doing the rounds is this banner? Could it be true? or a Hoax?

Who knows what today brings from Apple but im sure we will find out soon enough.
Until Laters

Iphone Wallpaper 2

I fancied a change on me Iphone so this is my new wallpaper.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Tonight i've watched Brooke Know Best, I'm a fan of Hogan loved him in the 80s and 90s, next to watch is House from Sunday I think Hugh Laurie is fantastic really plays the part well.

Well thats me done for the Day!!

News Today - 08/09/09

Well a couple of thing in the WORLD caught my eye today while reading BBC News, Sky News and CNN

Heres My Take:

The Al-Qaeda plane bombers Tanvir Hussain, Abdulla Ahmed and Assad Sarwar were found guilty of attempting/planning another terror plot on the same scale as September 11th (Never Forget) their plan was to use home made liquid bombs to bring down several planes while in the air, this as im sure were all aware sparked airport security to be heightened back in 2006.

My take is the UK and the World should introduce the death penalty to convicted terrorists as soon as they are convicted they shouldn't be entitled to an appeal they should just be sent to a medical facility and either gassed or given a lethal injection and then there bodies burnt.

I just cannot fathom the reasoning for them even attempting what they were doing its just scary and there defence was it was all a hoax and they were just after the publicity "yeah right!!!" good try but if you have detailed plans and have tested the explosives that isn't a hoax all i can say is thank god for the CIA and MI6 whose intelligence has save 1000s of lives yet again.

T Mobile owned by Deutsche Telecom and Orange owned by France Telecom have agreed a merger thus giving them a 37% market share of the UK mobile market (Who cares both are crap) the deal will give the new company 8 billion in revenue and 28 million customers and is estimated to save 3.5 billion in cost cuttings crazy amounts of money. Of course this deal is subject to the competitions watchdog giving the ok. (I think they will consolidation in a recession is always going to happen good news for customers i don't think so less choice leave a big 3 instead of big four but who know be interesting with future handsets as Deutsche has the Iphone exclusivity in Germany and Orange in France and as O2 lose the exclusivity to the 3G later this year will we see 3Gs on all networks but Vodafone?

Kraft Foods have submitted a 10.2 Billion bid for Cadburys will this merger go through i doubt it unless more money i.e. 14 Billion is offered i think the 2 companies complement each other well but long road ahead I just think it won't happen

Gold prices have topped $1000.00 an ounce or $35.29 per gram. (Crazy when u consider all this cash in your gold give you $5-$8 dollars a gram.

Thats it for the interesting stories i've seen today.

Starbucks - God I Need A Coffee

I have just on my lunch break drove 10 miles to get a Venti Tripple Shot Latte and boy did it taste GOOD!!!!!

I must admit I am a Starbucks addict I much prefer it then Costa or Cafe Nero or even the dreaded McDs if i wanted a Kenco coffee id have the instant crap we have in the kitchen at work.

Anyway money well spent I feel much more alert now and Ive also brought back with me a nice Iced Coffee Frappachino to get me through the afternoon YUMMY!!!!!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Libya - This news story never dies

Well over the last few weeks all you hear everywhere BBC, Sky, CNN, Fox (Sky) The Sun, The Times, Independent, The FT and the New York Pot/Times all you here is Libya.

Ok first of all our compadres north of the border decide to release Lockerbie bomber "Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi" on compassionate grounds ok he is going to die within three months so he should die at home with his family? so within a week he drops his appeal against his conviction and is released on "Compassionate Grounds" and if flew home to Libya on Colonel Gaddafi's private Boeing 747 on he boards in a chavy tracksuit and he gets off in Libya in a designer suit ironic really.

My view is he kill in excess of 240 people and has served approximately 16 days per person in prison, so a human live is worth 16 days in prison and as i read in the times recently prison food is 6 times as good as NHS food so really in the life of luxury crazy really.

I understand the need for compassion and im all for it but really 240 + people died in Lockerbie in what is described as the worst terrorist attack on UK soil so why o why should he have been let go to effectively die with his loved ones did he give the same to the people that died on that night no! so why should he have his freedom? my view is he should be left to die with no pain medication in an isolated cell but all you hear nowadays is oh human rights human rights or oh that contravenes this or that law what about the law and the rights of the people that he killed? and to this day has showed no remorse for what he was found guilty of in a specially convened court in Switzerland. I feel this shows the UK as weak and while i am aware Scotland is responsible for its own foreign policy i feel they got this one totally wrong and have shown no respect for the families of people who died.

As far as the grand welcome home I don't think that took place there was about 40-50 people who welcomed him back home and id bet they were family members cousins et al but needless to say it was poor judgement by Libya to allow the press there didn't do much for there image.

Do I think Westminister had anything to do with his release i'd like to think not but i think somewhere a deal was struck to release him and i would be surprised in the coming weeks we see a oil deal struck between Libya and BP and also I think compensation will be paid to IRA bomb victims who were killed injured because Libya supplied semtex to them.

At the minute GB (Gordon Browns) government is taking some flack over the release of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrah with papers going as far as to say he brokered the deal or urged the SNPs to release him, i personally don't think it was this straight forward but I think by GB declining to give his views its looking back on him and Labour as a whole so i think there is an orchestrated attempt to improve the press of GB and i think this will come with GB stepping in to get compensation to the IRA victims and i think a deal has already been struck for compensation.

What suppressed me over the last few weeks is we haven't seen much of Colonel Gaddafi his usually always there at press events spouting off etc but his son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi seems to be the new mouth piece is he going to be the heir to his fathers coup? I think so.

What surprises me is how the relations between the USA and UK seem to of got worse over the last few months and i loved the comment in the times at the weekend Barack Obama Chief of Staff found GB dull i chuckled i think we need a new government and the quicker we have an election the better thats all from me tonight hope you enjoyed me waffling please comment let me know what u think.


iPhone Apps

Well my one of my favourite thing is the world is APPLE i love all things apple and mac related.
I own a G4 Power Book, Black MacBook, MacBook Air, 17" MacBook Pro and my Imac, Iphone 2G, 3G and 3GS as well as a 1st 2nd 3rd 5th Ipod classics, Shuffle 1,2 and 3rd gen Nano 1st and 3rd gen and i also own a 32gb touch why? I obviously have way tooo much disposible income. But i am an apple devotee.
Well the reasoning for this blog was to write about some of my fave apps, there are 5 which I use almost daily so here they are ....... "Drum Roll Please"
Number 1 - Twitterfon Pro (Currently £2.99) 
I'll admit it I'm a twitter adict (@becknyc) so naturally I have an app (as apple say there is an app for everything) I use twitterfon pro the only reason I went pro is cause I hated the advertising in the free app, I have used several twitter apps in the past Tweetie, Tweetdeck et al but always come back to twitterfon, why? well I just find the user interface easy to use and i like how the user interface works and overall it works for me and i haven't found anything that comes close to the same functionalty if anyone has any recomendations for other twitter apps ill be happy to try them and let you know how i get on. But for the time being Twitterfon is the most used app on me Iphone me and as i solely use my iphone for twitter im happy ive found an app that does it all for me.
Number 2 - Amazon (Free)
I have one addiction and that is purchasing everything i buy through Amazon i find it cheapper than most retailers and find you can rely on there delivery projections and to date they have never let me down.
Im a heavy reader and find Amazon can charge 40% cheaper than the high street I have something delivered from amazon on a weekly basis ive brought recently a dyson ball hover, samsung tv, blu ray dvds, books etc etc I really should have shares in amazon the amount i spend with them.

Number 3 - News Headlines USA - £0.59
Can't find a picture of the app but its a simple app that pulls the headlines from the top 10 publications in the following fields Movies, Sports, Biz, Tech and Headlines then displays them in a simple but provides me all the up to date news from America as you will see i am a real american wannabe and find this app simple but effective.
Number 4 - Movie Flixter - (Free)
Can't find a picture of this one either but it is in the app store i love this app it give me whats on at local cinema (using GPS) to tell me screen times and reviews and release dates simple but effective and means i don't have to use web or call for screen times i use this at least once a week either for a review of a film or times of a film all in all sleek design and easy to use interface highly recomend.

Number 5 - GPush - £0.59
This is a simple app that works if you have a gmail account it notifies you by a push message that you have mail so you don't have to keep using the maual grab mail fuction works well very basic but lets you know when you have mail and 59p bargin i say. But the best email client for the iphone has to be mobileme works fantasticly can't beat it.
Anyways these are my fave apps that i find work well for me.
If anyone has any that they would recomend as must have drop me a line and ill try them out.

Laters people

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Iphone Screensaver

This is my current wallpaper on my iPhone

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Well I purchased an app called blogpress to use my iPhone as primary blog writting so I'll see how I get on with it.

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Hello & Welcome

Well, here we go the ride starts here buckle up and hold on tight!!!!

The aim of my blog is well to write and just get things of my chest i guess, I'm going to try fill it with events in my life reviews of films and stuff i buy and to rant about current affairs etc

So if I haven't bored you already enjoy!!!