Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Apple Announcement - 09/09/09

Well as we are all egarley awaiting the anouncement from Apple is it a new Ipod (I think so) range aparently with Camera WOW or thr Apple Tablet nicknamed the Ipad or is it a new Net Book? Who knows whenever Apple schedual a press event the rumor mill goes into OVERDRIVE!!!!!

I predicit 3 things today:

1 - New Ipod nano range and a new Touch Model all with Cameras 3.2 Mega Pixel.
2 - The release of the Beatles back Catalogue on Itunes
3 - The release of Itunes 9

The Apple Tablet i think will be released in January-March 2010.

One thing ive noticed doing the rounds is this banner? Could it be true? or a Hoax?

Who knows what today brings from Apple but im sure we will find out soon enough.
Until Laters

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