Thursday, 10 September 2009

Apple Announcement - 09/09/09 - My Reaction

Good old Steve Jobs is back and as he put it his "Up Right" nice to see him back.

Well it was a little lackluster yesterday i was slightly disapointed, what did we get?

Itunes 9 (Funny Itunes 9 on 09/09/09) which has added improvements I think it looks great and a great improvement.

We get Iphone OS 3.1 Not noticed much difference.

New prices for the Ipod Touch (Not fussed i have a Iphone)

New Nano YEAH with Camera, Video Camera, FM Radio et al looks good and in Aniodised Aluminum I ordered a Green one straight away
Also the shuffle was released in the colours and a 3.5mm headphone Jack so all good and they release a special edition in stainless steel and this was on my order too.
So all in all the positive is Steve is back so up next i genrally think will be the tablet AKA Ipad.
So ill take some pics when my order arrives
I know im an Apple Bitch as one of my Twitter followers puts it.

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