Friday, 11 September 2009

9/11 - 8 Years On

Not much to say today very sombre day 9/11 NEVER FORGET

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Thursday, 10 September 2009

TV - NEWs - American Idol

Well the news is comming out of the states is Ellen DeGeneres is going to become the new fourth judge on American Idol, I like Ellen she funny and down to earth shame she is giving her chat show up to take this roll but should be fun to see have she mixes with the other judges.

Apple Announcement - 09/09/09 - My Reaction

Good old Steve Jobs is back and as he put it his "Up Right" nice to see him back.

Well it was a little lackluster yesterday i was slightly disapointed, what did we get?

Itunes 9 (Funny Itunes 9 on 09/09/09) which has added improvements I think it looks great and a great improvement.

We get Iphone OS 3.1 Not noticed much difference.

New prices for the Ipod Touch (Not fussed i have a Iphone)

New Nano YEAH with Camera, Video Camera, FM Radio et al looks good and in Aniodised Aluminum I ordered a Green one straight away
Also the shuffle was released in the colours and a 3.5mm headphone Jack so all good and they release a special edition in stainless steel and this was on my order too.
So all in all the positive is Steve is back so up next i genrally think will be the tablet AKA Ipad.
So ill take some pics when my order arrives
I know im an Apple Bitch as one of my Twitter followers puts it.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Well lunch today was a Roasted Tomato Orzo salad with a bottle of ice cold Tropicana was lovely.

Yummy indeedy and only 340 Calories excellent.

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Apple Announcement - 09/09/09

Well as we are all egarley awaiting the anouncement from Apple is it a new Ipod (I think so) range aparently with Camera WOW or thr Apple Tablet nicknamed the Ipad or is it a new Net Book? Who knows whenever Apple schedual a press event the rumor mill goes into OVERDRIVE!!!!!

I predicit 3 things today:

1 - New Ipod nano range and a new Touch Model all with Cameras 3.2 Mega Pixel.
2 - The release of the Beatles back Catalogue on Itunes
3 - The release of Itunes 9

The Apple Tablet i think will be released in January-March 2010.

One thing ive noticed doing the rounds is this banner? Could it be true? or a Hoax?

Who knows what today brings from Apple but im sure we will find out soon enough.
Until Laters

Iphone Wallpaper 2

I fancied a change on me Iphone so this is my new wallpaper.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Tonight i've watched Brooke Know Best, I'm a fan of Hogan loved him in the 80s and 90s, next to watch is House from Sunday I think Hugh Laurie is fantastic really plays the part well.

Well thats me done for the Day!!